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Heritage Lodge, is on Habuharo island set in idyllic isolation on the tranquil waters of Lake Bunyonyi.

The island can be reached by a 25-minute boat ride from the main landing site at Ha’rutindo. The boat ride to the island is characterized by steep hills surrounding the lake which creates a beautiful scenery for the traveler. The island itself is densely wooded with different species of mature trees. This creates a secluded and interesting atmosphere and also serves as a home to a variety of birds including Red Chested Cuckoo, African Marsh Harrier, Long Crested Eagle, Double-toothed Barbet, Cormorants, and the African Fish Eagle.

Guests arrive at the dock to a friendly welcome by Heritage Lodge staff, and a take short uphill hike to the main building to check in. Accommodation at the island comprises mainly luxury self-contained tents in wooded seclusion overlooking the lake. The tents blend in well with the surroundings while at the same time providing the comforts of a warm bed, flush toilets, and a hot shower. There are also two cottages available as alternative accommodation.

The main building includes a bar and restaurant. The restaurant places emphasis on organically-grown, freshly-harvested products including crayfish, a local delicacy served fresh on request. The bar is well-stocked and a camp-fire and comfortable lounge create a great ambiance.

Bird Watching:

The Island is inhabited by a variety of birds, such as the Sun Bird, BouBou, Fire Finch, Robin-Chat, Wood-Pecker, Bee-Eater, Wagtail, and Kingfisher. Our guide has identified at least 36 species on the island alone. An even greater variety of bird species can be found at the neighboring Nyombe Swamp, which is an hour’s boat ride from the island. An early morning tour of the swamp is advisable. You can also watch birds from the tranquility of your own tent veranda and from the large gardens or marshes around the island. Noise and human activity on the island is kept to a minimum for this purpose.

Canoeing and Boat Rides:

Guests can take a guided tour of Lake Bunyonyi or have an adventure paddling yourself in a dug-out canoe. Several islands boast of interesting and intriguing folklore.

Cultural and Historical Tours:

A visit to the Batwa (Pygmies) and Abaheesi (blacksmiths) communities, or to the Bukora Cave, can be arranged.


Lake Bunyonyi is free from bilharzia, and there are no snakes or large animals in the water. There is a deck and diving board and experienced swimmers are encouraged to enjoy the water in one of the deepest lakes in the world!


Walk or jog around the island, enjoying its beautiful scenery, the birdsong and the pleasant breeze from the lake. Our guide can also arrange hiking ventures up the high hills that surround the Lake.

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